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Buzzed bloom waiting for sky to comeback from his work

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The witches have to be disciplined for their insolence. Can you believe this is a light sentence?

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Winx Hentai Club: A Royal Engagement – Chapter 3

At Red
Fountain, Sky is laying on his bed thinking on what he should say.
Then Helia, Riven and Timmy came up to him.

said, Hey Sky, Brandon told us about the announcement.

Sky smiled and looked at Brandon who was out on the balcony. What?
We got back for three hours ago and you havent said a word so I
had to said Brandon.

do you even know if youre ready to do this? asked Helia.

yeah, I love Bloom answered Sky.

you even know if Bloom is ready? asked Timmy.

no, but she might Sky replied.

Sky got
a piece of paper and a pencil and started writing ways on how to ask

Alfea, its night time. Musa, Tecna and Flora and fast asleep in
their beds. Stella and Bloom couldnt sleep so they talked to each

Bloom are you ok? asked Stella.

yeah Im fine. Why do you ask?

you look like youve just seen a ghost, not like its not normal
in this realm.

Im ok, but Ive been looking through Laylas wedding album and
she was so young.

their realms have an alliance. So whats the problem?

was so lucky yet so young. If someone proposes to me today, I dont
think that I would accept.

then a pebble hit the balcony. Stella and Bloom walked outside and
saw Brandon and Sky on hoverbikes.

Sky what are you two doing here a day early? I thought you two were
in Arakleon for the last day of summer vacation.

yes, but we returned early because we have some important business to
attend too replied Sky.

I ask what business? asked Bloom.

Sky noticed Laylas wedding album in Blooms hand and his face
turned pale.

said Brandon all confused.

sorry. You will find out soon I promise said Sky.

he means to say is that we cant tell you just yet corrected

sorry. Bloom can you call me to organise a date? asked Sky.

I would like that she answered.

got to go. See you later he said.

Stella, Brandon said kindly and gave her a kiss good bye.

the boys zoomed off. The girls looked at each other with confusion.

are those boys up to? asked Stella to Bloom.

dont know but Ill find out, she said with a smirk.

did you notice how Skys face went pale at the site of Laylas
wedding album? asked Stella.

I did. Strange do you think hes going to break up with me?

course not! Maybe it reminds him of his arranged marriage with
Diaspro a few years ago answered Stella.

probably right Stella. She was annoying and who wants to marry her?

Stella and Bloom walked inside, closed the balcony doors and went to

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You have never seen Bloom more hot and horny fore a big cock

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Here some hot pics of nude Icy from “Winx club”

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Hot kissing lesbians from “Winx club”: Stella and Tecna

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Flora from “Winx club” is a really horny girl

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