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WinX Club Hentai Story: "Welcome to Alfea"

Flora hurried toward her room. She had gotten behind on her experiments with flowers because she was a hostess. Alfea had the honor of hosting the Inter-Realm Magical Beings Symposium this year, and everything was in chaos. Fortunately, her job had been registration, and that was closed. So now she could relax and enjoy the Symposium with her friends.As she entered the common area between their rooms, she noticed that Bloom had company, some of the girls she had brought in from Earth. It wasn’t surprising to find them here, as all of them were bunking with the Winx girls. Every square inch of Alfea’s floor space was in use with such a huge attendance.Flora approached the group. “Hey, sweetie.”Bloom turned around. “Oh, hi Flora. Do you know everybody?”“Well, I issued the name tags. Let me see. You’re Will and you’re Irma, right?”Will grinned. “Close. You got us backwards. I’m Will. You can always recognize me because of this.” She pointed to the Heart of Kandrakar. “I never leave home without it.”“Okay, sorry for the mistake. And I definitely remember Juniper because of your streak. As you can tell, I’m into that too.”“Hi, Flora,” June said.“We were just chilling out,” Bloom said. “There really aren’t that many good sessions today. I don’t know who does the scheduling of the multiple tracks, but it always seems that the good sessions are on simultaneously and the rest of the time it’s shit versus shit.”“Just like TV,” Irma said.Flora decided to fool with the experiments later and sat down. “Where’s everybody else?”Bloom thought for a second. “Some are in the cafeteria. Cornelia and Stella were trying to out-bitch each other. We came up here because we were tired of listening to it.”Flora giggled. “We often do that when it’s just Stella by herself.”“As for the others, let’s see, Techna and Taranee are having a geek session, Blunk and Nutt are having a garbage-eating contest, Elyon is with Cornelia, and I don’t kno Continue reading

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Winx hentai: Forgotten – Chapter 4

Dedicated to ChrisJan34 and
.Dutchess. Blah blah blah blah. Lets get on with the
story. By the way, the date Bloom went missing was June 18. Sky moved
into his house on June 30.

At the party, Sky looked at Bloom.
He held up a picture the family was letting people look at. In the
picture, Blooms blue eyes were full of life. Right now, her eyes
were dull, almost gray. He looked again. They were blue again.

The party wasnt much. Once the
guests left, Bloom went to her room. She picked up a small, furry,
blue book. She opened it up to the beginning. Its such a shame
I only got to write 3 entries,
Bloom thought.

June 15

Dear Diary,

saw a fairy today! She ran away. Actually, she flew away. Ever since
we moved here, strange things have been happening. First, Tecna went
missing. Now, Stellas gone. My penpals are beginning to disappear
one by one. It was really funny. The fairy looked exactly like



was able to talk to the fairy today! It turns out, all my penpals
have become muses. They said I could become one too! But therere 2
tests. The first one is I have to swim across the river. They wont
tell me the second one though



the day I do it! I left my parents a note, but I doubt theyll find
it. I have to say good bye now. I dont think my parents know how
much of a good bye Ill be saying today. Oh well. They shouldnt
worry. Im going to be the best muse ever!

shook her head. It was hard to imagine her parents never opened this
after she was gone.

chapter, I know. I just dont feel like writing much today.

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